Stacy Robinette

Helping you experience more JOY and FULFILLMENT in your relationships.

In my intuitive healing sessions, I access your Akashic Records, ancestral memories, or childhood memories to assist you to LIBERATE yourself from the underlying causes of discord in your relationships with significant others, family members, friends, or co-workers. I customize sessions to meet YOUR needs. You will receive messages and healing frequencies to bring greater harmony to your relationship with yourself and others.

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Does this sound familiar?

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You find that you get into arguments with certain family members…And you just want the conflict to stop.

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You are so ready to let go of the pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable people in your life...You want to attract heart-centered people who can be there for you.

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You are depleted from over-giving and making sacrifices for othersYou want to be able to say “no” so you can put yourself first.

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You are done with being so mean to yourself with your negative self-talk…You want to give yourself the same compassion as you give to others.

It doesn’t have to be this way...

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About Me

I am a priestess and shamanic healer. I use healing frequencies from the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis to clear negativity and transmit unconditional love. In accessing the Akashic Records, ancestral memories, and childhood memories, I get to the root of disharmony to bring healing to your relationship with yourself and others.

When I first began my healing journey, my relationships suffered due to my lack of self-love, perfectionism, and people-pleasing. I was affected by repressed emotions that seeped into my interactions. As I LIBERATED myself from patterns and emotional pain, I became more of my true self. My love for myself increased and directly expanded the amount of love I was able to give. I began to find joy again with my loved ones.

I can help you LIBERATE yourself so you can take your relationships to greater heights.


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My Modalities

A Happy Child

Inner Child Healing

Tune into your inner child to help clear emotional pain from not receiving the love you deserved. Clear belief systems and patterns that began as a result of negative experiences. Integrate unconditional love and healing.

A Time Piece

Past Life Journey

Journey with your guides to heal a past life that had a negative impact on your current reality, and integrate healing from a positive past life memory.

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Akashic Records Clearing

I will access your Akashic Records to clear trauma, any negative karma, and old beliefs causing you emotional pain. I will guide you to install positive belief systems and receive positive messages from your future or a positive past lifetime.

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Ancestral Healing

Go on a journey to clear the negative patterns, old beliefs, and traumas passed on to you from your ancestors. Receive healing upgrades and messages from ancestors who are positively impacting your current reality.

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Client Testimonials

Stacy is such a gifted healer! From beginning to the end, she creates a safe container to co-create with Spirit. Stacy commands a beautiful authority with divine feminine grace and energy that informs how she facilitates and guides one in their healing. Her clear and direct language shows her discernment, dedication, commitment and clarity as a divine channel.

I received a tremendously powerful healing, activation and upgrade during our session together which I attribute to the capacities of Stacy as a shamanic healer. I am eternally grateful for the healing I received with Stacy and the new patterning and template I walked away with.

Crystal Akai Bourne, USA



NaCole DeSantis, USA

Sarah McCallum, USA

Stacy has a lovely calm and gentle presence, and I don’t know how she did it, but the session felt both spacious and thorough, as we moved through the different healings. She was able to really get to a core issue I feel like I have been circling around but not quite reaching for quite some time now, and she held space beautifully for the emotional release that needed to happen with this issue.

Gwen R., United Kingdom

Kelli Kieley, Canada

I recently had a healing session with Stacy and it was truly amazing. She is a very skilled healer who combines different modalities to create her own, very unique method. Stacy helped me see some past life blocks that were impacting my current life and she also has tremendous healing abilities that helped me work through and process these blocks. I would highly recommend Stacy and encourage anyone to book a session with her!

Tarah Evans, USA

All I can say is WOW! This shamanic Journey through past life has completely shifted the way that I view reality. Stacy was so helpful in facilitating my journey, allowing me to intuitively see what I was meant to see while still keeping me on track. I had an outstanding amount of clarity and connected deeply with two of my past lives that truly needed my attention. Ever since my guided journey with Stacy, my life has changed in several significant ways. She is truly skilled and dedicated to her craft. I am so grateful to have had this experience.

Bijan Taherkhan, USA

Stacy Robinette

Helping you experience more JOY and FULFILLMENT in your relationships.

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